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“If you let problems derail you, you end up getting stuck in human inertia.” Mike D.

“When you quickly get into motion, a problem becomes an opportunity for growth.” – Mike D.

“Motion Before Motivation: It means you get started FIRST, then FEEL the Inspiration to keep going.” – Mike D.

“How to gain wisdom – experience, acquired knowledge & action.” -Mike D.

“Even if u do nothing, something will still happen – it just won’t be what u wanted.” Mike D.

“It’s Clear: You’ll have to MAKE the time to work on your goals, because U sure as hell are not gonna FIND it.” Mike D.

“Only one thing to do with people who hold you back from your goals…Whack ‘Em.” – Mike D.

“Here’s the plan: Try Less and DO more. You’ll be happy with the results.” Mike D.

“Empower the real Law of Attraction by remembering…”Motion Creates Magnetism.” -Mike D.

“Goals & intentions are great, but doing something about them is even better.” -Mike D.

“Taking action to improve your situation, no matter what the investment – costs way less than the regret of letting things remain the same.” Mike D.