The ABSOLUTE Best Way to Reach Your Goals Faster Than You’ve Ever Dreamed Possible…

Dear New Hampshire Business Owner,

There is one secret to success that is practiced by the happiest and most productive people in the world.

There is one way to get to where you want to be a whole lot faster than you’re going now.

There is a short cut!

It’s simple, get with someone that can show you the way.

Discover insights, opportunities, strategies and techniques from someone who has experience, acquired knowledge and who is still doing and practicing what they preach!

We all know that the best athletes in the world have coaches, right? So what makes business any different?

We all need a go to guy- a resource, someone to help us reach our goals- We can’t do it alone!

I opened my first business when I was 18 years old, only six months out of high school! I’ve built new businesses from scratch. I’ve sold belly to belly, knee to knee, eye to eye and over the phone! I’ve sold BIG ticket items, small ticket items and everything in between! I’ve read and researched over 1000 books on the subject of sales, marketing and personal development. I can also own a business – so I know what you are going through! In short, I CAN Help you!

So whether you are looking to increase your sales, build your business or just get to the next level my personal marketing coaching can help you.

With my coaching you’ll discover how to…

Increase your sales closing ratio very easily.

Increase your flow of qualified prospects using simple but effective marketing strategies.

Decrease your headaches and increase your income.

Uncover the hidden opportunities in your business.

And much more.

This is not for everyone-I can’t stress this point enough! It is only for the very serious!

Because my goal is to be totally straight forward with all of my clients and possible clients I’m not here to hide anything! The investment required for one on one coaching and business mentoring is $597 per month. That will entitle you to…

  • Weekly strategy calls- At the very least, we will be on the phone once per week discussing your unique situation. On these calls is where most of your breakthroughs will come from. These calls will be scheduled at mutually convenient times each week.
  • Email Support- You’ll have access to my personal email. So any questions that come up can easily be answered within 24 hours.
  • Reviews, critiques, and help with all marketing materials- I’ll look at your ads, brochures, website and anything else to spot any opportunities to make them more effective and fix them if they are not performing.
  • A marketing system set up for your business that runs on auto-pilot with no work on your part!

If we’ve already spoken about my personal mentoring and Increase Your Business and Decrease Your Headaches program feel free to click below to get the ball rollin.’ Once you complete your first month’s investment I’ll email you right away and then we’ll set our first phone call so we can begin..Just go ahead and click below.

If we have not spoken about coaching and mentoring please call me at 267.992.2970 to see if this is right for you. If I do not answer just leave me a voice mail!

All the best!

Mike D.