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Do you plan meetings for your business group or association?

Is it important that you to keep things fun and exciting, as well as educational?

Would you be interested in a message that will resonate with your audience?

Do you like when your attendees thank you for an awesome meeting?

Does it make sense for you to bring in a  fresh speaker who can inform and inspire but also get people to take action?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then Mike D. might be the ideal speaker for your next event or meeting.

Whether you need a keynote to get everyone fired up or a breakout session, Mike D. is right for you!

Mike Dolpies is NOT a Motivational Speaker! He’s the worlds only “Mobilizational Speaker!”

Years in the small business trenches has taught him that ultimately it comes down to taking ACTION!

Mike opened his first business at the age of eighteen, just six months out of high school. By the time he was twenty-six he was a recognized expert and trusted adviser to his industry. His work has been published in numerous trade magazines over the years. He “practices what he preaches” everyday.

Mike has also graduated from the business school of “hard knocks” where he bounced back from his setbacks and came out stronger! Mike’s practical and entertaining advice is based on years of real world experience and constant and never ending learning. Your audience will laugh, learn and be inspired

Mike usually speaks for Open-Minded and Success-Conscious Individuals. “People that are upwardly mobile” and Small Business Owners

Presentations to Choose From…

1) “The Success Secret That Never Fails.” .

  • How to Generate Motivation You Can Count On EverydayMIke D & Dan Kennedy
  • Busting The Myth of Motivation
  • 3 Simple Keys to Success
  • The World’s Only Scientific Law for Success
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Fun Stories from The School Of Hard-Knocks


2) “How to Put Your Business in The Palm of Their Hands – The Secrets of Mobile Marketing”

  • How to Get Way Ahead of Your Competition By Embracing Mobile Marketing Before They Do
  • Mobile Marketing Basics
  • How to Use the “Mobile Internet”
  • The Scary (if you’re not ready) Stats About Mobile & The Companies to Follow
  • The Secrets of “Mobile Marketing Websites” and How to Use Them
  • How to Design and Structure Mobile Websites and Landing Pages
  • The BIG 3 of Mobile Marketing
  • How to Use “QR Codes” to Market Your Business
  • How to Tie Mobile Marketing to all of Your Other Marketing
  • Live Examples of “Mobile Marketing”


3) “How to Turn Your Website into a 24 Hour Client & Customer Generating Machine”

Mike’s been a small business owner since he was just 18 years. He knows their challenges. He understands that getting new clients and customers is their greatest concern. This talk makes Internet marketing fun and easy.


  • How to Attract High Quality Prospects Using the Power of the Internet
  • The Big Mistakes Most Websites Make That Lead to Poor Results
  • 3 Ways to Use a Blog for Maximum Results
  • The Truth About Social Media & How Not to Waste Time On It
  • The Top 3 Reasons Your Website Exists
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing
  • How to use Lead Generation Web Pages
  • How to Build a List of Interested Prospects
  • Tips to Win the Search Engine Battle
  • An Introduction to Mobile Marketing


4)  “7 Ways to Get Your Business & Life Moving”

  • The 6th Sense That Helps You Get More Done, Faster (the sense of urgency)
  • The Greatest Time Management Tool Ever Invented
  • The # 1 Law to Follow for Uncomplicated Success
  • Letting go of what’s holding you back
  • The Power of Authenticity
  • How to “Enjoy the Ride”
  • Getting Savvy About “Ethical Selling”


5) “The 4 A’s of Success”

  • Attitude
  • Awareness
  • Assumptions
  • Action
  • And other Simple Keys to Success are covered in this Energizing Talk


6) “How to Get $100,000.00 Worth of Advertising For Free – The Secrets of Getting Publicity Without A ‘PR Firm’”

This Talk is ideal for Small Business Owners who want to get maximum exposure for their business WITHOUT spending any money. Mike will show them “The Secrets of Local Publicity!” Including…

  • How to Easily Get Your Business Featured on TVMike D & Brian Tracy
  • How to Get Written About In Newspapers
  • How to Easily Get on The Radio
  • How to Get Powerful Publicity for Yourself in Just a Few Minutes Per Week
  • The Secrets to “Getting in” With Just About Any Media Outlet


This was quite possibly the largest luncheon this Chamber has held. I found Mike to be informative and entertaining. No dry boring presentation here. I feel that I was able walk away with marketing knowledge that could be applied immediately. I’m going to type up my notes and get started on my SPC lists.

Thank you for clarifying the difference between a suspect and a prospect. You helped me see where I should be targeting my efforts. I wish it could have been longer.”

Joyce A. Cameron Membership Manager Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce

“Having Mike speak for my members was truly informative and entertaining.

The attendees were engaged throughout the whole presentation. Mike really gave my members useful and practical secrets and most of them were writing notes the entire time. I would absolutely recommend Mike if you are looking for an excellent speaker who can identify with and connect with business owners and salespeople.”

Deb Courtemanche Merrimack Chamber of Commerce

“Just one piece of advice from Mike Dolpies was worth $2000.00 to me!

Dwight Woods, Miami Fl.

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